Popcorn Machine Hire

Popcorn Machine Hire

Our popcorn machines make fresh, hot popcorn just like you would get at the cinemas right in front of your eyes. Popcorn machines are a great addition to kids parties, festivals, fetes, fundraisers, carnivals, movie themed parties or any function where you want to add a bit of fun.

The next time you host an event, you may want to consider a Popcorn Machine Hire. You'll be able to make fresh popcorn throughout the night for your guests to enjoy, and you can make the popcorn to order so it can be as healthy or unhealthy as the person eating it wants.

When you pop the popcorn in the machine you hire, you can have it popped plain. Next to the machine, you can have a selection of butters and salts people can add to their own popcorn. This way, if anyone has any dietary restrictions they'll still be able to enjoy the popcorn that you make fresh for them. If they don't, they can feel free to load up on the butter and salt for a decadent treat. For something extra special, you may even want to include chocolate they can drizzle over their popcorn. This can all be a part of the overall food for the party or it can be set aside for people to munch on whenever they want. It's perfect for any type of party, no matter the age of the guests or the reason for the event.

If you want something extra special for your next party, hire a popcorn machine and make fresh popcorn for your guests. They're going to love a snack they can customize to their own tastes, and they're going to have a lot of fun the entire night. Consider hiring a popcorn machine for your next party so you can have a yummy, fresh snack available any time your guests get hungry.

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