Special Effects Fog Machines and Lighting Stands

Special effects are a great way to liven up any party. Every jukebox comes standard with a coloured flashing lightbox. However if you would like to add even more atmosphere to your special night we have some great options available below.

Additional Lighting

Our special effects laser lighting stands shoots out beams of rotating of coloured light. A great solution for any dance party or disco themed night especially when combined with one of our smoke machines'. See below for pictures.

Cost From: $59

Lighting stands

Fog Machine

Our fog machines are rugged and powerful and is perfect for any party. It meets all Australian and International safety and compliance standards and causes no adverse health affects, such as asthma attacks.

Every fog machine comes with fluid and takes approximately 8 minutes to warm up.

Cost: $30

Prices and packages for Fog Machines and Lighting Stands.

smoke machine